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Development of detailed rdawings of metal structures (DMS)

The design department of our company has experience in designing aluminum translucent structures and ventilated facades for more than 10 years.

Principle of operation:

  1. Object measurements
    • receiving openings for built-in or hinged structures from the customer
    • actual measurements of openings
  2. Preliminary approval of structures (for ordering materials)
    • configuration of structures
    • aligning the profile system, profile color and contiguity (RAL scale), filling (filling thickness, material: double-glazed window, sandwich panel)
  3. Ordering Material
    • specification of profiles and accessories
    • a list of materials for abutting and installing structures
  4. Coordination of structures with architect, general contractor
    • alignment of stained-glass windows with the executive dimensions (facades, plans, sections)
    • coordination of junction points, clean floor level, suspended ceiling level
  5. Development of design and technical documentation (MS, DMS)
    • production drawings (DMS) is detailing of the profiles of rack, girth rail, clamping and decorative strip, production sheets for the manufacture of windows, doors
    • drawings for installation work (MS) is marking of the profiles of racks, girth rails, clamps and decorative bars on stained-glass windows, marking of windows, doors, marking of double-glazed windows, plans, junctions, order of double-glazed windows.
  6. Manufacture and installation of structures on our own